History of Club

Our club was founded in 1983 by István Gnyálin and Attila Veres who were at that time members of the Hungarian National Team.

They held the trainings in Tököl and in Szigetszentmiklós. Kickbox, which was extremely fashionable in the 80-ies became very quickly popular. The main objective of the first period was to make the sport known and make people like it.

The plans were very ambitious: create a team capable of achieving not only Hungarian championship titles but international ones, as well.

To achieve this goal we needed a broad base of young athletes and the foundation of a professional coaching knowledge which ensured

the success of the club in the long run.

The first serious results were achieved in the Budapest Championships when after 2 years of trainings our children returned by 7 gold medals at everybody’s surprise.

The good start was followed by a series of success for appr. 10 years. In this period, whenever a tournament was organised for the athletes of the future, it was always our club which scored the best.

We also organised a great many of events ourselves to please our sponsors and supporters.

In these years the initial mistrust disappeared towards this sport and we managed to win the respect of the people around us.
We say thank you for the success of the first 10 years for the Dunavarsány Petőfi TSZ, Kisdunamenti Takarékszövetkezet, Kuncze Gábor,

Kiss Lajos, Miklós Ferenc, Tomin Márton, Hoffman Pál, Uri József and Papp István.

The story would not be complete without the names of the successful athletes of this period:

Dragovics Beáta, Gergics Ági, Kovács Betty, Kócs Ildikó, Németh Irén, Nagy Judit, Orosz Henrietta, Ráckevei Csilla, Skorka Edit, Pesuth Rita, …..

Ásin Zoltán, Bolodár Péter Cseperkálo István, Batai Ferenc, Balázs Jácint, Erdei Péter, Fodor Attila, Held Gábor, Horváth László, Kovács Attila,

Marlyin László, Papp Zoltán, Szoboszlai Roland, Soós József, Szabó Zoltán, …..


In year 1992 encouraged by Pál Hoffman, the major of Tököl we took on the name Szigetszentmiklós-Tököl SE.

The combined support of the two municipalities and the support of further sponsors enabled us to take part in grown-up and international tournaments, as well.

The second, 10-year period brought with itself lots of further success, too.

In this period too, lots of athletes have competed in the club

achieving medals both in Hungarian and international championships.

They are among others Pesuth Rita six times winning gold medal and Hudák Marianna and Kovács Betty winning silver medal in the World championships,

Kócs Ildikó and Szoboszlai Roland winning bronze medals in the European Championships.

We keep on having a large number of athletes under 18 beyond our grown-up club members.

The list of medal winning athletes became longer with the following names:

Hudák Mariann, Tresser Kata, Horváth Melinda, Leitner Emma, Szoboszlai Ingrid, Sokorai Karolin, Ágics Melinda, Wágner Vivien, Kovács Zsanett

Opre Krisztián, Devecsai Zsolt, Hertling Tamás, Farkas Róbert,Kénoszt Viktor, Lengyel Imre, Ágics Roland, Zelenai Dávid, Páhi Péter és Páhi Tamás, Takács Péter, Vaszilkó Tibor, Laszák Zoltán, Albrecht Péter


In the last 2-3 years we have received several awards. Pesuth Rita, Kovács Betty and Gnyálin István received an award from the Minister of Sports.

Pesuth Rita, Szoboszlai Roland and their coach István Gnyálin got the “Award of the most successful athlete and coach” respectively.


The results we promised at the start were achieved. Both us and our sponsors are proud of them.

Németh Irén, Hudák Marianna és Spátay Tamás are responsible for the children’s trainings whereas István Gnyálin, holding 5 dans,

the grounder of the club coordinates the work of the trainers and he himself trains the crème of the club..


So far we have had 12 black belt masters in our club.

Currently we train more than 100 athletes in four places.

Main sponsors of the club
- Tököl and Szigetszentmiklós municipalities
- OPEL Molnár Ltd..
- Kisdunamente Takarékszövetkezet
- Hidrográd Kft

What are we proud of?

We are proud that in the last 23 years we have familiarised our sport with more

than 1.000 young people. Our ex-athletes can be found in lots of other sports in Tököl.

Not only have our sportsmen and sportswomen achieved outstanding results but

they have turned out to be valuable and successful in their lives, as well.


What do we expect from the future?

· A state policy supporting sports

· A society respecting and acknowledging outstanding results

· Municipalities and entrepreneurs backing our club

· Lots of disciples interested in our sports.


Taksony Kick-Box Sportkarate